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Splash of Water
Water Safety by Debbie Mott

For me, Teaching water safety from a young age is so important because it is key for children to understand the dangers in the water and therefore how to behave in the water.  I believe swimming is a non-negotiable life skill that parents should look to acquire for their children as soon as possible. It is vital for all adults and children alike to learning to swim. Swimming has always been a wonderful activity for children to enjoy and the more comfortable the become, the more safe they feel.

I believe that every child can learn to swim if taught properly. 

The main struggle I have come across is the fear of water. If parents expose children to pools and swimming at an early age, it is more likely that they haven’t developed a fear of water and so it is easier to teach them. Ultimately, it’s important to understand that some children take longer than others to learn how to swim but eventually they will all pick it up. Learning how to be safe in water should be taken very seriously and I have developed fun ways to incorporate it into games and activities in my books.

The most important skill for a child to learn for water safety is being able to float on the back on the water. When you fall in water, the best thing is to roll onto your back and float so that you can breathe. This simple action is taught so it becomes instinct and this could be the difference between life and death. My book If I could Swim like an Otter helps kids to do just that in a super fun way.

I use other fun techniques in my book Will you blow Bubbles to help children feel comfortable under water.

If you are interested in your child learning more about water safety, Please click the link below to get your books today.

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