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Wholesome Books Your Kids Will Love

I have put together wholesome, beautiful, God centered books that your kids won’t be able to put them down! Our family's love for reading is clearly contagious. It seems as though we cannot have enough books to satisfy in our home. Most of my kids and grandkids can be found on a given afternoon or evening curled up with a great book.

One way I’ve encouraged this love for reading is to get my grandchildren hooked on books by writing my own faith center books. You too will get hooked on the first one and simply can’t wait to come back for more!



Let's face it...There is some crazy stuff going on these days.

Maybe more than ever it’s important we choose what our children are exposed to.

We need to choose to show them things that are beautiful, noble, and that highlight good character. Our books teach more than just reading. There are so many wonderful picture books that teach powerful life lessons as well as instill values.

What child doesn't love to cuddle up and listen to a good book read aloud to them? Spending time with a child is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. Combine that with a love for reading and a love for God, and you have the recipe for some wonderful life-changing moments!

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