Life is more than living in this world . The greatest treasures to be lived are too often undiscovered, or unrecognized or sometimes unaccepted. To live life fully, passionately is a wonder but even greater is to live in a power greater than self, in the presence and person of our Creator, Christ, to know Creator. To know Christ by Covenant is to know true love and truth. It is to move beyond mere religion and church playing and formality or doxology. It is to have our very being IN an identity of Deity. IN CHRIST is everything. He is preeminent. FIRE! Fullness of the Godhead Bodily; Image of the Invisible God; Radiance of God’s Glory; Exact Representation of God’s Being: JESUS. In Him is hope, joy, the adventure, the secret of the LORD, His covenant, kingdom, the character and nature of God that is more infinite yet intimate than we at first thought we could know. The unconditional love and acceptance and forgiveness received through Christ’s Cross and Resurrection and blessings inherent in saving faith, in his kingdom come, a new heart, a new life, born from above is unlike anything this world in itself has to offer. To live abiding in God’s Presence, Sealed with His Spirit, His Power, His Purposes to fulfil our destiny is what we were made for and are to live to do.  We can  be on FIRE with God through CHRIST. Christ is the Way to our Good Good Father. Life is more than this world.  Relish in His Presence, ask, seek and knock for His His Presence! His Presence is the greatest treasure on earth.. I am here to live my  life for CHRIST, and live it passionately. The Elephant Gospel serves as a vessel to share my love for Christ and my passion for The Kingdom of God on earth.


"We live in  the  present as people who are to be made complete in the future. " NT Wright in his book surprised by HOPE. 

July 25, 2018

Ann Without An E

AnnE with an E was starling, awe-inspiring and marvelously heart capturing to me. The telling of her story brought bridges of understanding and insights with many connections and shared feelings. From experiences of trauma, lack of nurture, rejection do...

July 17, 2018

Last evening for dinner, I had the joy and pleasure of meeting up with three high school classmates and friends. One I had not seen for over 40 years! We shared with each other in openness and honesty an overview of how our lives have turned out and what we are doing....

July 13, 2018

Jesus invites any to come to Him and in a sense asks:  "Would You Be Mine?

The Divine "Would you be mine?" is different than any other. Higher, Best...

Think of it: The Creator of all, The Great I Am, The Great High Priest,  The King of all Kings, The Messiah invite...

July 6, 2018


Irrelevant and boring have been stated to be the two main reasons people give for leaving the church. (*RC Sproul in The Glory of God sermon)

If a church is not talking about SIN and the amazing FORGIVENESS of God through Christ and SHOWING AN...

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