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The Mystery of the Gift of God

New here. Hoping to help others find hope n healing after sexual abuse, gender confusion, abortion and/or spiritual abuse. Many seek feeling forgiven but remain hopeless. But forgiveness and clear conscience and healing is possible with the gift of God..

Four elephants take us on a journey of breaking denial by looking at the elephant in the middle of the room, breaking Shackles of lies to live in more freedom, breaking free of religious stampedes and living in victory of Grace as it was meant to be, paid for and given freely but at great cost...a Gift of God .Too many do not understand the Gift of God and it remains a mystery. Will you seek the Truth to unveil the mystery? Check out The ELEPHANT GOSPEL Unshackled to Live the Secret of Hope (copy and paste on Google) at:

Jesus said He was Messiah one time in all the Bible. His declaration of Messiah was to an outcast woman with a sordid past of being married five times and living with a man. Today if Jesus was to reveal himself to a likewise woman it might be one like me or who has had sexual sins or has had an abortion, or an addict or has been in the depths of despair from abuses of men or women... someone the "disciples of Christ" may still look down on but Jesus qualifies their dignity and value and offers Himself freely for their life!

What other KING would become like his subjects. ransom his life as the greatest servant, allow the stampede of religion to relegate him as the Prince of demons, Beelzebub, and know the hearts of those ...that many he came to save hated him, wanted him dead, would end up crucifying him yet He still willingly laid down His very life as His Father Willed! WHY? To pay for our sins once and for all! He offers heaven when we deserve hell! He offers pardon when we deserve punishment. He offers grace because He paid the judgments. He gave the Gift of God: FULL FORGIVENESS for any who would believe in Him and His pardon of their sins. He is Messiah! He is generous and good and kind and the Giver of Eternal Life, Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, He has had mercy on us! Great reasons to celebrate Thanksgiving with a grateful heart!

I want YOUR GIFT TO GO FORTH TO THE NATIONS, especially to post abortive men and women and to those needing healing from abuses of any kind. LORD HAVE MERCY, CHRIST HAVE MERCY! DO what only YOU CAN DO, LORD...get Your Message out! In Jesus Name, Amen

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