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Gayology 101

"Gay 'To Stay'

Gay “For the Stay”

Gay Don’t Stay, Please Go Away

Gay Born That Way

Gay from Abuse They Say..".

Few subjects cause more controversy, conflict, division and differing "standings" or standpoints like homosexuality.

"Gay To Stay”: People that wanted to be straight, tried to be and a few were leaders in the Exodus International Organization but overtime have come to embrace homosexuality. Some believe God is ok homosexuality and believe it is NOT sin.

#OurAmericawithLisaLingWeb Exclusive Interview: 5 "Ex-Gay" Survivors Share their Stories | Our America with Lisa Ling

Watching this video can bring about differing perspectives. Some realize more than ever that the main agenda of Ex Gay Survivors is to declare homosexuality is not sin and should be acceptable to all as normal. Others feel Ex Gay Survivors betray their Christianity and that these "survivors" are deceived and unbiblical.

Since homosexuality is now prevalent in many Christian families it is now a question of how to maintain a relationship with a relative and still maintain any conviction one has that differs from the relative that believes different than you especially and namely if you believe that God declares homosexuality a sin.

Teaching young children is another issue. Some say we are to teach the normalcy of LGBT lifestyles and promote LBGT and others fully oppose and organize presenters for the Gospel

definition of family.

Gay “For the Stay”

This mantra is well known among inmates and perhaps in environments where access to heterosexuals is unavailable. Even self proclaimed Christians partake of homosexual activities while heterosexuals are unavailable but as soon as they are available, the "gay lifestyle" is abandoned for heterosexual activity.

Being gay even in a maximum security prison can treated and written about as the absolute worst or abhorrent behavior, beating out violence and even murder. This is “my take-away” from the book A Place To Stand by Jimmy Baca

Yet today in many jails homosexuality is considered a pinnacle of gold. A cherished opportunity and a privilege or fortunate blessing...

Gay Don’t Stay, Please Go Away

Many have googled "Why did God make me Gay?" Many feel homosexuality is completely unwanted but feel they have no choice in the matter.

Gay Born That Way: Books and courses are written about this controversy. Not going to go into this discussion here. But know it affects so many.

Gay from Abuse They Say..".

The hurt and pain from sexual abuse is overwhelming and the answers may not be known in this lifetime. Some statistics say 70% or more LBGTQ’s were sexually abused as children.

The report on the priests in PA and the SBC uncovering of horrific abuses in 2019 alone is enough to paralyze a person's faith or devastate us for life. In the majority of cases the victims lives were utterly ruined and their lives were filled with brokenness, addictions and suicide. Sexual sin committed against innocent children damages for a lifetime. More than likely there are many people sitting in churches damaged that have just not had the boldness and transparency to tell their story or express themselves. The majority of Christians have received no relational discipleship and have not grown in the fruit of the spirit. They cannot see their own wounds let alone address the wounds of others. Relational discipleship with the goal of reproducing is so important.

(Examples: Training/information: Bill Gilliam, Exchanged Life; Neil Anderson, Freedom in Christ, Thriving Recover Your Life and Christian Healing Prayer Ministry, Deeper Walk Ministries and found that all of the above are under one and I love the Foundation teaching of Dr. Warner. This is a link to the videos and free handouts. It has truly opened the eyes of women who have been Christians in the church for a long time. God has called us to make disciples who walk in their true identity. It is a process for us all, only Christ is sufficient.

"One of the most volatile and important issues facing the Church today is the question of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle. The Church cannot duck this question." William Lane Craig

The controversy or debate about homosexuality arouses strong opinions and often anger, hostility and such diverse reactions that often a person is not sure where they stand or how to stand in the onslaught and realities of these responses. The conflicts or serious disagreements and struggles between the differing parties with differing interests seem to have no end but have great potential to change the course of our nation, our churches, our families and individuals.

PAUL in Epistles lived the Gospel fully and the culture was transformed by BORN AGAIN Believers living true to the Grace and Truth Given by INDWELLING HOLY SPIRIT….GOSPEL TRUTH AND BORN AGAIN…Changed world…

Ro5:8 Rev 12:11 lifestyles by Believers is what Paul lived but how many are living this today?

May Remnant Churches live true to WORD IN LOVE 1 Co 13 Love …Worship in Spirit & Truth…Show Grace and Mercy By Holy Spirit...

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