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Gay for the Stay or Gay to Stay

"One day, I was screaming in emotional agony, curled up into a ball on the floor of the kitchen, when she (roommate) walked in. She couldn’t stand seeing me that way and yelled, “I don’t care what you choose! I will love you whatever you decide! I just don’t want to see you going on this way!” It was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. Unconditional love. I felt the love of God through her words. That completely melted and softened my heart to the point that I stopped crying, the mental anguish ceased, and I felt peace knowing that I could choose to be with my girlfriend or not and God will love me the same.

All the pressure to choose this or that went away. You cannot possibly make a good choice when you’re being forced to or are feeling a ton of pressure. God died to set us free from the “have-to’s.” He simply says, “Follow Me…if you want to.” And if we don’t, it will suck for us and we won’t have a blessed life, but He still loves us. His love doesn’t change. In that moment, when I felt the freedom to choose either way, my real desire came to the surface...."

We invite you to read the book for more of her story. ( Are You Willing?: Sharing Our Greatest Treasure, Stories About Loving All People With Grace, Mercy And Truth)

This is one excerpt of my friend, Sophia's story in book Are You Willing? Why the title? Many reasons but an overriding one is that Jesus wept over Jerusalem desiring, and with a heart yearning and call for, ANY WILLING to come and take refuge in Him, even murderers He invited!

We are ALL invited to come to Jesus but are we willing to come to Jesus?

Jesus invites us with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

God's Love and Mercy and Grace is greater than we have lived. His Spirit, Truth, Blood Atonement for our sin's forgiveness and His Justice connect these foundational essentials and all found victory at His Cross and full overcoming of the world at His Resurrection.

But are His People Willing to Live True to His Gospel?

I have been staggered and wounded by the similarities and sadnesses in two institutions, the prison and the churches I have visited! They are more alike than I ever dreamed possible in my experience!


I experienced two obvious pendulum swings and sides:

1: HATE and severe prejudice/persecution for Gays or

2. Full Exalting of the Gay Lifestyle to Stay or "Gay For the Stay".

A full acceptance and love of the person is The Gospel Way! The hate and severe prejudice/persecution needs repented of and a drastic change and mentality needs ushered in!!

My questions: How does Jesus view it all? How do true born again believers follow Jesus in living His Love and Truth by His Spirit toward the LGBTQ individuals?

I identity with Sophia balled up on the floor desperate for the identity pain she was experiencing to be lifted. She knew she could not make the change. She could not cross over. Her identity was rooted in her deep love, connection and relationship with a woman she was drawn to like a magnet from the start. The unconditional love of God was a springboard for her. My heart is to see the Unconditional love and truth of God to be unleashed in our world today and see God's Revival take place.

I grieve for all the times God was leading revival and I hindered His grace in my life by my distrust and disobedience. I pray my obedience to share these experiences will spark revival in the hearts of readers. IN JESUS' Name, Amen.

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